It’s a very intimidating word.  Ponder it.  Consider its power. About.

“Tell us about yourself…”  Is there any more terrifying phrase?  For me, personally, no, except, perhaps, “Can you tell me how to get to…?” because I have no sense of direction and can’t remember the names of streets.  It’s a problem.  I point in random directions, or, more accurately, flail.  I flail and then the inquirer generally leaves me be.

But, for the purposes of this endeavor, this blog, here are the pertinent details:

I — Jeff Lang — am a writer.  I share the name with, as far as I know, a mathematician, a blues guitarist, and a computer scientist.  If you’re looking for one of those guys, seek on.  This blog belongs to the writer.  So far, I’ve written a handful of comics, some well-received Star Trek books and short stories, a novel about the Fantastic Four (my favorite comic book series) and (so far) one (as of this date) unpublished fantasy novel.  More — hopefully — will follow (except the ‘unpublished’ part).

I’m highly motivated to get this blog started because I referenced it in a short bio I wrote for the Shore-Leave convention web site (http://www.shore-leave.com) and booklet.  If you’ve never been to Shore-Leave (and why would you be here now if you haven’t?), I strongly encourage you to do so.  It’s fun on a bun.

I’ll be back soon, but I have to go feed the beasts now.  Thanks for stopping by.

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