Shore Leave 2014 – Schedule and brief musings


Apparently, this is where all the cool kids are heading this weekend.  I’m be there, too, which, hopefully, won’t bring down the overall “cool” quotient too much.

Shore Leave is a fan-run science fiction convention held in Hunt Valley, MD for the past 36 years.  The organizers have been kind enough to invite me to come plug my wares and hang out with a bunch of other authors, actors and friends.  I’ve been to Shore Leave a few times in the past decade and had some amazing experiences there.  Not all good, mind you, but all amazing.  This will be my first trip back to the venerable Hunt Valley Inn for several years and I’m curious to see how it has (or hasn’t) changed.  Or I have.  You know that proverb about how you can never dip your toe in the same river twice?  Yeah, this is like that for me.

In any case, I decided I wanted to dive in this year, so here’s where I’ll be if you feel like stopping by to say, “Hello.”

Friday, August 1

10 – midnight: Meet the Pros.  Book signing.

Midnight – whenever: Hanging out, probably in the hotel bar

Saturday, August 2

11 AM – noon: “60 Years of Godzilla.”  Some friends and I talk about how we love a giant lizard.  I’m not proud of this, but I own it.

2 PM – 3 PM: I moderate a panel about the differences between writing licensed fiction and novelizations.  Good folks on this panel, so expect it to be lively and fun.

3 PM – 4 PM: “The Villain’s Journey.”  A discussion about the differences (if any) between the Campbellian heroic arc and the villain’s arc.  Are they the same?  Or just in opposition?  This one could get very meta, but I’m looking forward to it.

4 PM – 5 PM: “Deus Ex Machina.”  Another panel I’m moderating.  This one was my idea: a discussion about how post-human characters have been and now are currently being portrayed in fiction, film, comics and other media.  Another possible title was “Loving the Machine,” so that might give you some idea where this might go.

Then I take a break and rest.  Probably will go to the Masquerade because, c’mon… Masquerade.

Then, 11 PM – whenever I lose all my chips, I’m going to play in the Robbie Greenberger Memorial Poker Tournament.

Sunday, August 3

Noon – 1 PM: “Tracking All the Moving Parts.”  I think David Mack suggested this one.  A discussion about how does one keep track of all the pieces in a large, complex novel.  Answer: I don’t.  I’m bad at it.  I’m hoping to learn something from these people.

3 PM – 4 PM: “Tie-ins versus Original Fiction.” As in, “the writing and selling of.”  Another one I’m moderating.  I hope to learn from my peers since I’m still struggling with this issue.

Somewhere in there, I plan to also eat, sleep and talk with people.  Not sure exactly how, but I’ll figure it out.

See you all on the other side.


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